10th Roe Deer Meeting

Srní, Šumava National Park, Czech Republic

7th to 10th June 2011

NP Šumava
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Welcome to the 10th Roe Deer Meeting

which will be held in Srní village in the heart of Šumava National Park, SW Czech Republic, from 7th to 10th June 2011!

Meeting will be organised by TELEMETRY TEAM, cross-border telemetry project between two national parks - Šumava NP and Bavarian Forest NP - Czech Republic and Germany - West and East Europe...

Our aim is to attract roe deer researchers from both western and eastern Europe to join during one roe deer meeting in Srní.

During conference time, next meeting of EURODEER group will take place.

We hope to see you in Srní in June 2011.

On behalf of the organising committee

Pavel Šustr, Marco Heurich and TELEMETRY TEAM
organizers of the meeting

Organizing comittee:
Pavel Šustr
Marco Heurich
Markéta Kašparová
Kirsten Weingarth